The basic rule in wrestling is that there are two people who fight until one of them wins. There is a lot of historical evidence indicating that wrestling was originated by the Greeks, after which the Roman Empire added more power and violence to it! The modern freestyle wrestling is a mixture of both Greek and Roman wrestling. In this sport, the player can only use his upper body for striking, blocking, or defending himself, and he can’t use feet or his leg. There are clear rules and weight classes for Roman wrestling like the rules that apply in boxing. In each round, the winners get a certain number of points while fouls result in losing points.

What is the difference between freestyle and WWE wrestling?

Professional wrestling players are often more skilled and professional, so free style wrestling has high viewership, and there are many committees and federations that organize its competitions. In its beginning, professional wrestling was subject to the authority of each country separately, and after that, international federations were established for it to avoid corruption suspicions.

In WWE wrestling there are rules however they are loosely enforced, unlike football or basketball! In addition, the skills of wrestlers are not the only determine the results of tournaments, but rather the results are determined by the story writers before the tournament starts.

Is WWE wrestling fake?

As previously mentioned, the results of the tournaments, matches, and movements performed by the wrestlers are predetermined by the of the script writers.

In any match, you can notice that the wrestlers show off each other and not harm each other. Other times, you will find that the enemies have become friends or that friends have become enemies! Moreover, a lot of stories are tabbed between the wrestlers which are often untrue. All these things make wrestling more of a movie than a sport!

This is the main difference between WWE and Freestyle wrestling. Professional wrestlers train for hours to achieve the fitness level they aim for, they learn more moves to inflict the most damage on the opponent, and they may also suffer severe injuries, quite unlike WWE wrestlers!

How to bet on wrestling matches?

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