Wall of Coins

wall of coins

It is a decentralized platform for exchanging cryptocurrency from peer-to-peer. Users of the wall of coins can buy and sell cryptos from each other easily. This platform was launched in 2017, that is, a relatively short time ago compared to other platforms, yet it quickly gained great popularity among users. This company is headquartered in the USA and is available exclusively for US users.

Although the Wall of Coins platform is not licensed by any of the legal authorities, it has proven to all users that it is a reliable and completely safe platform! Whereas, no hack, loss, or technical problem has been reported since it was launched.

Trade cryptocurrency

Wall of Coins is not a trading platform for cryptocurrencies, so you will not buy digital currencies directly from the platform, but you will be able to reach sellers and buyers and choose the right deal. At the moment, the platform supports only two currencies; Bitcoin and Dash.

The platform works in this way: the buyer starts browsing the available offers and searches for the quantity and price suitable for him. Then he chooses the appropriate deal, and before he makes the purchase, the platform provides him with comprehensive instructions on how to make the purchase, and then he deposits the money in his account to send it to the seller. As soon as the seller receives the money, he will send the cryptos. The process is very easy and it guarantees you complete privacy as your identity will not be revealed.

Although the platform does not offer an app for mobile devices, the platform’s interface is simple and easy to use, and you can use it to make purchases and sales easily via your smartphone or computer. Moreover, novice users will receive instructions and explanations that enable them to make buying and selling easily.

Coins available at Wall of Coins

In the meantime, the available cryptos on the Wall of Coins platform are Bitcoin and Dash only. Buyers can buy these currencies in US dollars, and likewise, sellers will get the sale value in US dollars!

Types of accounts on Wall of Coins

There is only one type of account available on Wall of Coins and there are no special requirements for users. You can choose between buying or selling Bitcoin or Dash easily.

One of the most important advantages of this platform is that users can create accounts without having to confirm them by sending their personal documents! However, this may be a disadvantage for some users who prefer to buy digital currencies in a more reliable environment, moreover, the platform does not provide a rating system that identifies you with the reputation of the person you will deal with and the number of successful operations that they have performed before.