Volleyball is one of the most popular team sports, it is a recreational sport for absolutely everyone, in this short guide we will cover the most important rules of this game.

Basic Volleyball Rules

Volleyball is a sport in which players bounce the ball over the net that divides the playing field. The volleyball rules clearly define the height of the net, which depends on whether women or men are playing. In the women tournaments, the regulations specify a height of 224 centimetres, while for men it is 243 centimetres (215 for adolescents and 235 for adults). On both sides of the net, there are antennae, the upper part of which protrudes 80 centimetres above the net. Hitting the ball in the antenna or punching behind the antenna is a mistake and marks a point for the opponent.

The volleyball rules also govern the field of play. The teams line up on square fields measuring 9 by 9 meters. The court is limited by the sidelines and end lines. Inside both squares is a line of 3 meters, a space that must not be crossed by the player on the other line during an attack.

The volleyball match is played with up to three sets won. To win a set, you need to score 25 points, and if the teams draw, they will play a fifth set (also known as the tie-break), the team that reaches 15 points or two more than their opponent in the case of an advantage game wins.

As for the way of scoring points, the rules of volleyball say that it can be done in several ways. The rules of volleyball are such that to score a point, a player must hit the ball to the opponent’s side and hit his pitch. Usually, it is the third hit, that is, the attack following the ball has been received and played.

The volleyball player has the task of delivering the ball to the offensive player, which is usually the attacker on the right. However, volleyball is a game that must be played in a variety of ways, so the attacker on the left attack or his teammate in the sixth zone, who attacks from the so-called pipe from the middle of the second line, or finally the middle one next to the net, which is usually the highest player in the six. Speaking of six, there are also substitutes in the team and the whole team consists of fourteen players (twelve players in the Olympic Games). Changes to volleyball are governed by the rules and can be made at any time during the match. It is possible to make six changes to the set, where a competitor enters and leaves are treated as two substitutions.

The basic rules of volleyball are not difficult to master, and the game itself is a lot of fun, gives positive energy and teaches cooperation.

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