Snooker is one of the most famous sports in the world. The goal in this game is very simple which is hitting the hitting balls to fall in the table slots. There is no specific date for the launch of this game, the French, English, and Germans claimed to have invented it. Also, there are some who believe that this game was appeared in China before its spread in Europe.

Snooker is a variant of billiard game. They may look the same, but they have some differences in the in rules and gameplay. Snooker relies on tactics, strategies, and a little luck like any other sport!

This game is played over a pool table with English pockets. The match is won by the player or team who scores more points or whoever the match ends in favor of him.

Snooker requires the player to have a high concentration, accuracy, and tactic to score points without making mistakes, even if the balls are not hit the holes.

The number of players can be composed of two or four players, two in each team. The winner is determined based on the number of points that have been scored.

Snooker Table

The snooker table is somewhat different in size from other billiard tables in a long rectangular shape with 6 slots distributed over the table, where there are four slots at the corners of the table and two in the middle edges.

The snooker stick is called “cue” while the snooker balls are also different from the balls of other billiard games. In this game, there are 22 small balls from different colors, including 15 red balls and one ball of: yellow, green, brown, blue, pink, and black. In addition to the white ball.

Before every snooker match, all the balls are arranged in a triangular shape, and the white ball is placed in front of them. This pattern is fixed according to the internationally game rules.

How Are Points Calculated?

Each color of the balls has a specific point numbers that are counted once those balls fallen in a slot, as follows:

  • Red ball equals one point.
  • Blue ball counts five points.
  • Yellow ball equals two points.
  • Green ball counts three points.
  • Brown ball counts four points.
  • Black ball counts seven points.

How To Bet On Snooker Matches?

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