Although it is not widespread in all countries of the world, rugby is ranked the ninth most popular sports in the world. This sport has 400 million fans mainly in France, England, New Zealand, and South Africa.

Rugby has strong popularity in France, especially in its Mediterranean coasts as well as the Spanish coasts. Also, it has a strong position in South Africa as the British settlers brought it with them from Australia and New Zealand.

Rugby Fan Base

As we have already mentioned, rugby has a very popular base in some countries around the world, the number of its fans reaches 390 million fans. In addition, it has large viewing rates in these countries. Yet its viewership rates in other countries are very weak!

Lower viewership reduces the value of club and player sponsorship, advertising, and the sale of broadcast television rights. Unlike football, it is impossible to find a rugby player whose price exceeds several million dollars! The average salary of rugby players ranges between $50 – 60K per year which is very low as it can be a football player salary in just a few days!

There are many sites dedicated to dealing with news of rugby matches and tournaments, yet they do not enjoy high traffic or large searches, as well as there are hundreds of pages on social media that provide rugby news, but they are also limited and have few followers.

There are many countries that have rugby federations and leagues, yet they do not enjoy sufficient popularity similar to the most prominent championships such as: (Six Nations Championship, The Rugby Championship, World Rugby Pacific Nations Cup, World Rugby Pacific Challenge, Nations Cup) . The largest rugby competition ever is the World Cup, which is held every 4 years and is attended by 20 countries. There are many competitions for women, yet the sport of rugby is completely male-dominated.

Although sponsorship deals are few, some famous clubs get deals from famous brands around the world.

What Is The Reason For The Rugby Low Popularity?

Rugby is not very popular because it cannot be practiced in regular arenas. It requires large areas and specific fields for players to play. So, the number of fans of this sport is very low. Therefore, the number of professional players is also low. However, if you like rugby, you can bet on it on the sports betting sites that we recommend for you on our site.