Ripple Casino Guide


Ripple is a digital platform and network for crypto currencies transactions. It is an open-source protocol that can be used to conduct financial transactions quickly and easily between users around the world. Also, users can create their apps or websites based on the RippleNet platform. In addition, users can issue their crypto currencies “tokens” using the Ripple blockchain. But the platform has its own currency, Ripple (XRP).

For more clarification, imagine that the Ripple is both an ATM and the money within it. Anyone can use it to access money, also anyone can place his invented currency “token” in this ATM to use it within his company or group. All of this happens without anybody monitor or supervise the ATM!

The Ripple inventors knew that it was necessary to create a primary crypto currency that would be freely used outside of the private platforms and apps, to be widely spread among users around the world and compete with other crypto currencies. For that, they create the Ripple (XRP) that you can buy from E-Wallets and crypto gates to use at any crypto betting site or casino. The Ripple has minimal fees among other crypto currencies of $0.00001, which is a very close value to zero! The only purpose of these fees is to block spammers and DDoS attacks.

What Makes Ripple stands out From the Crowd?

The benefits of Ripple are not only privacy, speed, and security, as you can get many other benefits, such as:

  1. Works as intermediate currency with low fees. For instance, if you live in Europe and want to make a money transfer to a guy who lives in Saudi Arabia. Your money will be exchanged from Euro to USD, then will be converted to Saudi Riyal. This means that USD works as a mediator regardless of your currency or the method used. So, will many fees will be conducted on your transfer. Ripple solved this issue! As it can works as a mediator between fiat and crypto currencies with very low fees compared to USD.
  2. Supports Fast Transfers. Ripple is the fastest crypto currency in transfers so far. As the median time of the transaction is just 4 seconds. In contrast, Bitcoin transaction takes an hour or more, while banking transfers take several working days.
  3. Integrated System. Ripple is an entire ecosystem that allows users to use the ripple (XRP), build apps or sites using their open-source platform, or even launch their currency. For example, if you’re interested in old Luxurious watches you can launch an app and website for collectors to sell and buy these watches worldwide and create a special crypto currency, so people can use it only inside your gates. But also, they can transfer it to any fiat or crypto currency easily.

How to Choose the Best Ripple Casinos?

As you noticed from the introduction, Ripple currency gives you all the advantages and benefits that you might search for. To complete the picture, you should play at a reliable high-quality casino. However, this may be a difficult task for the newbies that don’t have much experience with online casinos. The task may get more difficult because gaming companies release more crypto casinos almost monthly!

Each casino offers its set of bonuses and games package. To pick the most suitable casino, you need a site that provides you with comprehensive and accurate reviews of crypto casinos, and this is what we exactly offer you on our site!

To provide these reviews, we test the casino ourselves as regular players. We register a new account, make a deposit to get the welcome bonus, and then start playing. During this process, we evaluate the casino platform ease-of-use, the offered payment methods, deposit/ withdrawal processing times, and support effectiveness. The crucial test that determines whether if we will provide a review casino or no; is making a winning from the casino games and withdraw them successfully.

If we make a winning and couldn’t withdraw them. So, the casino isn’t reliable and don’t even deserve to write a review about! In other words, we have tested all the casinos and betting sites that we recommend. And we guarantee a safe and profitable gaming experience at these casinos!

In addition, we spotlight the pros and cons of every casino, to compare it fastly with other available casinos.

How can I use Ripple at Crypto Casinos?

To be able to use Ripple at an online casino, you must have a wallet contains with some funds. There are many (XRP) E-Wallets on the internet, such as:

  • Ledger Nano X
  • Crypterium
  • FreeWallet
  • Atomic Wallet
  • Exarpy Wallet

Regardless of your choice, you can use any E-Wallet on your smartphone or tablet. So, you can enjoy playing at the casino on any device! Also, all E-Wallets charge extremely low fees over your transactions compared to banking transfers.

After that, you can choose a casino from our list and create a new account. Then go to the (Cashier) section, choose to deposit using (XRP) then enter your ID number and confirm the process. In just 4 seconds, the deposit amount will be available on your account and you will obtain the welcome bonus to start playing with double balance!

After enjoying your favourite games and make some winnings, you can repeat the same process; Go to the cashier section, enter your wallet ID, and amount, then confirm the process. However, sometimes withdrawals can be delayed to be reviewed by the casino’s team. in order to make sure that the player has obtained these funds from fair play.


Ripple has many pros compared with other crypto currencies. Most importantly, it is an entire payment ecosystem that allows users to make apps and site based on, use Ripple (XRP) currency, and create their own tokens! In addition, the (XRP) transactions are faster and cheaper than other cryptos. Moreover, many international banks recognize Ripple. So, you won’t face difficulties when converting between it and fiat currencies. To make the most of the Ripple, you should choose a reliable and good casino that offers a quality iGaming experience. For that, we urge you to take a look at the recommended casinos on your site.