Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is a collective sports game played on the ice rink between two teams, in which the puck is played with a hockey stick. The object of the game is to shoot the puck into the opponent’s goal. Winning is determined by the greater number of goals scored. Ice hockey is the fastest team game and requires players to master its technical side to perfection (skating, stick and puck handling) as well as perfect strength and condition preparation. An important, but not the main element in this game, is body play. meaning throwing the opponent off balance in order to temporarily disable him from the action. Ice hockey is therefore a hard, typically male game, requiring players not only to adapt their bodies to massive intervals but also the ability to quickly regenerate strength. The players’ ability to mentally adapt to the numerous inevitable tensions that arise during the game has great importance also.

The game’s rules

The team consists of 6 players (goalkeeper, 2 defenders, 3 forwards) using ice hockey skates. Players bodies are protected by special suits. The couch can begin the much with a maximum of 22 players during the match (2 goalkeepers, 8 defenders and 12 forwards), then he can change them any number of times. A team may not have more than 6 or less than 4 players on the playing ground during any period of the game.

The game time is 60 minutes. 3 periods of 20 minutes; between the playing period there is 15 min break. Teams change sides after the first and second periods. The overtime, if not a playoff match, is 10 minutes of effective play, 5 minutes in the NHL. A goal scored in extra time ends the game immediately.

During the match, each team is entitled to a 30 seconds’ break. The game starts (also after scoring a goal) from the middle of the rink by the main referee, throwing a puck onto the ice between the sticks of two opposing players facing each other.

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