Handball is a collective sport in which two teams compete, each team consisting of 6 players plus a goalkeeper. During a match, players pass the ball between them until shooting it into the opponent’s goal to score points.

Like football match, the handball match is divided into two halves, the duration of each half is only 30 minutes, and the team that scores the most points win the game.

The handball match is held inside a hall, because the ball uses is very light and the air can affect its direction in every pass or shot!

The length of the handball hall is 40 square meters, while its width extends to 20 square meters, meaning it takes the rectangular shape.

One of the most important rules in the handball is that player mustn’t hold the ball for more than three moves, it this happens it will be a fault! Also, players aren’t permitted to shoot the ball with their feet. However, players can use their bodies to block the opponents’ shots!

All the team’s members attack and defense in the hall, except for the goalkeeper who does not leave his place. Each team can substitute 5 players as a maximum during the match. This can happen any time when the coach decides.

The winner team beats his opponent by two points or more, while if the difference is 1 point, it is a draw!

Like any sport, there are punishments implemented on players who make mistakes! For example, defend violently, protesting the referee decision, trying to waste the game time. In these cases, the referee may expel the player, especially if he assaults another player, or deliberately wastes the game time! The penalty kick is counted if a player makes a fault in the front of the opponent’s goal.

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