Golf appeared 500 years ago. Some say that James II, King of Scotland, played the game, and so did his wife, Mary. The real birth of this sport was when the (Andrew) Golf Club was established in Scotland in 1552, and the Saint Andrew Golfers’ Association was established in 754. It was later called the Eastern Company of the Old King’s Club. This company issued thirteen articles of the basic rules of competition, which still govern the sport of golf to this day.

The game moved from Scotland to Ireland, and then to England, and when the first immigrants moved to North America in the mid-1800s, this sport spread in America and Canada but within the upper classes, So far, this sport is still restricted to the rich only.

The first golf tournament in America was held in 894 in New York. The game won its fame there 20 years later thanks to (Francis Uwimt), twenty years old, who astonished people with his beautiful performance. However, he was a worker carrying paddles for players, and his father was a gardener who tended the grass of golf courses!

The Golf Laws

The golf course is covered with grass and contains 18 holes. The ground has different types like sand and dirt. Also, it contains artificial water pools, the purpose of which is to form an obstacle for the player, and he is required to overcome it, and if the ball falls in the water, the player is punished!

There are four global major tournaments for golf in the world. The first one is the Major Championship, in which only professionals participate. In addition, there are three tournaments are held in America, known as the USA Open, US Masters, and BGA. Also, there is an important tournament, Rider Cab, which is a competition between the best players in Europe against the best players in America.

Players can wear light clothes consisting of a cotton T-shirt, and it is allowed to wear a hat in addition to long trousers and optional glasses, while a special sneaker is required.

As for the racket, each distance has its special racket. The number of rackets used is 14 as a maximum. The racket is made of wood or titanium from which aeroplanes are made.

The golf ball is made of rubber, with a liquid substance was placed inside. It has a solid surface with dimples that improve its flying speed for a long distance and controls the accuracy of its strikes and direction. The weight of this ball is more than an ounce.

The match is won by the player who finishes each round with the fewest number of strokes. If two players tie in the tournament, they play two rounds until one of them wins.

The flag always indicates the location of the hole, and it is fixed inside it and it is prohibited to touch the flag at all.

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