Formula 1


Formula One is the most famous speed races in the world. The name “Formula 1” refers to the set of controls and standards that must be met in races, as well as the protocols and rules that racers must follow. In the past, this race was known as “Formula A”.

The first edition of Formula 1 was launched in 1894. At that time people viewed cars as a tool for racing and fun, like wooden carriages drawn by horses, but because cars at that time were not powerful nor safe there were no professional races or qualified methods for arbitration.

With the advent of the twentieth century, cars had gained more power, greater flexibility in control, and it included safety standards. So it was planned to establish the first professional Formula One race track in France, but this plan faced major problems as a result of the economic depression, the beginning of World War II, and fuel shortages.

During 1946, the race was revived again. In this year, the first test race was held, and a year later the decision was made to launch a championship for professional drivers, however, it was not until 1950 that the rules for racing were elaborated and precisely set. In that year the first Formula Championship was held in Silverstone, United Kingdom.

During the following years, Formula 1 circuits witnessed many legends and great competitors who immortalized their names in the fans memory.

At the present time, Formula One has a major fame in all countries of the world because it is the most powerful speed races. There are many countries that have hosted Formula 1 races, such as Germany, Italy, Britain, Argentina, France, Morocco, the UAE, and Bahrain. Also, it is one of the most preferred sports in the best online betting sites.

Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher – the all-time record-breaking racer!

Schumi, the Kaiser, the Red Baron … are all titles that the public gave to the German world champion Michael Schumacher!

Schumacher started his career in 1991, at the legendary Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium. Although he could not win the race due to a transmission problem, the abilities and skills that Schumacher demonstrated allowed him to join Benetton the following week!

Schumacher won his first major prize in 1992, and won his first world crown in 1994, also in this year he won 8 races to smash the world record! While in 1995 he repeated this amazing performance and won 9 times to break his previous record!

In 2003 Schumacher became the first Formula 1 racer to win 6 titles, smashing Juan Manuel Fangio’s record!

In 2013, the German contestant suffered a head injury while skiing and went into a coma for several months and woke up on June 16, 2014, and some newspapers reported that he was paralyzed and entered another five-year coma and woke up in 2019.