EOS Casino Guide

EOS Casino Guide

EOS currency joined the blockchain realm recently in 2018. However, it is one of the most powerful crypto currencies in the meantime!

EOS has the most powerful blockchain protocol that developers can use to build apps, websites, and payment integrations.

Individuals and companies can use this protocol easily. It offers all the blockchain technology. Such as security, authentication, data hosting, and other functions. In addition, EOS offers a simple interface that programmers can use to make their apps.

What is EOS Currency?                       

You can use EOS as any digital currency such as Bitcoin. Also, you can also use it as an integrated payment system on your website or app.

The platform for this currency is called dApps (distributed applications). This system goal is to give developers all the tools they need to create apps.

Therefore, if the developer wants to use the EOS blockchain. He must buy or mine a certain number of these currency units. Then he can integrate the EOS blockchain protocol to his app or website. The price of this currency reaches only $ 4.29. Meaning that it is much cheaper than other digital currencies!

What are dApps?

Regular apps like Instagram or Uber store their data on your device’s memory or on the cloud. Thus, when you run the app on your phone, it will gather the data stored on your phone and run them.

As for dApps, they store their data on the blockchain network. They also use the blockchain network to access processing operations and short-term memory.

There are a lot of developers who prefer dApps because blockchain networks offer them the chance to design high-speed, high-security apps.

What Are the Features of EOS?

EOS is not the only currency that offers the feature of distributed applications. As this feature is available in Ethereum currency as well. However, Ethereum presents the idea differently through “smart contracts”. While the EOS currency contains other great features that help developers create applications based on blockchain technology, as follows:

1. Scalability

The main disadvantage of Bitcoin is that it is limited. For that, all the later crypto currencies, including the EOS, have the expanding advantage! So, their price will be affordable, faster, and their transaction fees are notably lower than Bitcoin.

2. Offers a Blockchain Protocol

Unlike other crypto currencies, EOS has an entire network that programmers can use to build their apps and websites based on it.

How Can You Buy EOS?

The process for purchasing EOS is no different than buying any other digital currency. In the beginning, you will have to choose an e-wallet (there are many sites that you can create a wallet on, such as Coinbase). After that, you can buy EOS coins through an exchange market or from one of your friends.

What are the advantages of EOS casinos?

EOS casinos have many advantages that make them very attractive to all players. They give you the highest degree of privacy and security and offer you much greater bonuses than traditional online casinos. This is because crypto casinos save a lot of unnecessary expenses.

Although EOS was launched recently in 2018. It managed to raise a huge capital of $4 billion! This currency has been created to give the developers the chance to develop decentralized applications. Also it solves problems that lead to slow transactions in other crypto currencies.

For instance, when you request a withdrawal from EOS Casino, your request will be confirmed in less than a minute, but when you make the withdrawal through one of the traditional financial methods, the request will be confirmed within a period of up to 3 working days!

Currently, there are more than 600 apps and sites that support EOS, and there are a lot of apps that offer casino games as well.

What are the Available Games in EOS Casinos?

EOS Casinos game catalogue does not differ from other online casinos. So, you will find slots, table games, and live dealer games. All these games come in with a wide betting range; therefore, they will be suitable for all players. But, do note that when you deposit at an EOS Casino. The deposited amount will be exchanged in a fiat currency, such as the U.S. dollar, Euro, or Pound Sterling. That’s because crypto currencies have a very high value. So, it is better to bet with fiat currencies rather than digital currencies. Then you can withdraw your winnings in the cryptocurrency.