Although bicycles have been in use for many years, cycling is a modern sport which was originated during the nineteenth century to transform the bicycle from practical transportation mean to Racing sport that thousands of people compete on.

For both amateurs and professional sports players, cycling is one of the best sports that a person may practice daily, because of its great positive impact on health and fitness. Also, it has turned into a recreational mean in several tourist countries, as it contributes to preserving the environment and reaching mountainous areas that are difficult for cars.

The First Olympiads For Cycling

Cycling has been a part of the Summer Olympic Games since the first edition in 1896 in Athens, Greece. However, the women participated for the first time recently in the 1984 edition in Los Angeles, USA.

The first non-Olympic race was held in 1868 in Paris, and it was won by the British racer James Moore, and it was the first race run by referees.

Italy’s Velos Fiorentino was the first cycling team to be founded in 1870, followed by a Dutch team in 1871.

The International Cycling Federation is one of the oldest international sports federations, as it was founded in 1892.

The first newspaper concerned with cycling was founded in the same year and was named “le vélo” bike.

Invented By A German Baron

The bike has known many developments since its invention in 1816 by the German baron Carl von Dries, and it was developed by Pierre Michonne and his son Ernest in 1861, as it became a wooden bicycle with a fixed handlebar and iron wheels.

The popularity of cycling contributed to its further development to reach its current form; more advanced versions have small engines.

There Are Special Tournaments For Cycling

The International Cycling Federation organizes several world championships, starting with the World Road Cycling Championship in 1927.

It continues to date, and organizes championships in gymnasiums, mountains and other tracks.

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