In terms of numbers, cricket is the second most popular sport, right after football. It has between 2 – 3 billion fans in many countries around the world like UK, Pakistan, India, and Australia. Cricket is a team game, the match is played by 2 teams, each one contains 11 players.

This sport relies on 3 tools; the ball, bat, and 2 wickets which is similar to the goals in football.

The area of ​​the cricket field is 22 yards. In this match, the two teams compete to hit the ball and direct it to the rival’s wicket, as well as to prevent the opponent from striking the wicket towards their wickets. There are three types of cricket, and they are:

• Test


• T20

The T20 is the most popular and preferred player around the world. This kind has huge popularity among players in Asian and European countries.

Cricket fan base

Although cricket is not the first sport in the world, it has great popularity in many countries of the world.

In general, it is the second sport in terms of the fans number. For example, cricket is the most popular sport in India, Britain and Australia.

In 2015, 2.2 billion fans from around the world watched the Cricket World Cup. Therefore, obtaining the rights to broadcast cricket matches is not easy for satellite channels. As it is very expensive and the International Cricket Authority (ICC) makes millions of dollars from selling television broadcasting rights to famous channel groups such as the World Cup, the Champions Cup and other international tournaments.

Besides its popularity on TV channels, cricket is also very popular on various internet sites. For example, social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter have many news pages dedicated to following cricket news, as well as pages of top global players. These pages are used for advertising, which gives more income to their operators and advertising companies.

The number of professional cricket leagues

In fact, the professional cricket leagues at present are very limited! There are only 15 countries that have professional cricket tournaments. The Indian Premier League is the most prominent, while the Australian League is also widely followed by a lot of fans around the world.

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