BTCexchange is a P2P exchange platform for trading cryptos from Lithuania. Although this platform does not provide info about the operating company or its board of directors, it explicitly states that the board members are Audrius Ramanauskas (CEO) and Tadas Kvidaras (CTO). This info is very important for traders due to the uncertainty surrounding cryptocurrencies.

Like any peer-to-peer exchange platform, every transaction takes place between two parties; The deal maker who places the purchase orders, and the receiver who gives a specified value of digital currencies in exchange for a monetary value in another currency! Although beginners may prefer to buy cryptocurrencies directly through the platform, peer-to-peer exchange encourages liquidity in the market, which is beneficial for both sellers and buyers alike.

BTCexchange Fees

For buyers of cryptocurrencies, the trading fee is 0.10%, and these fees are lower than the other trading platforms which is 0.25%, however, the large number of exchanges available on the Internet made them compete to reduce their fees.

The negative point here is that the platform charges the recipient’s money, although most global exchanges do not set similar fees. As for the withdrawal fee, it is 0.0025 Bitcoin, which is 4 times higher than the average fee used in the rest of the cryptocurrency trading platforms, which amounts to only 0.006 Bitcoin per withdrawal. However, you must evaluate the total fees charged for your transactions in order to properly evaluate any platform.

Although the banking system in the BTC Exchange is diversified and supports many methods, traders will not be able to use credit cards to make deposits or withdrawals! So if you want to subscribe to a platform that supports credit cards, you can learn about the platforms that we recommend for you on our site betsofbitco.