Bitcoin Slots Guide

Slots are the most appealing and profitable casino game! The idea for these games is very easy; All you need to do is choose an attractive game, place your bet, then click spin, and you will win if you hit the winning combination. Yes, that’s easy! This absolute simplicity entices gamblers to play slots for long hours without facing a dull moment! Slots games come in various themes such as (Wildlife, pharaohs, fantasy, movies, adventures, magic, Vikings, classic stories, TV programs, sports, and many more). The number of reels of slots games ranges from 3 to 6. As a rule, the higher reels numbers the higher the winnings potential.

Moreover, slots games contain a lot of great features that add more excitement to the gameplay. For instance, if you get 3 or more wild symbols you will have free spins, while if the scatter symbols will fill the gaps of the combination to give you winning. In addition, slots offer the bonus rounds that open an enchanted realm of multiply winnings. Of course, no casino game has all these features, that makes slot machine unmatched game!

You can learn how popular is Bitcoin slots are by taking a quick look at any casino game library; The slots take the lion’s share from the casino game catalogue! Also, Bitcoin casinos offer the largest number of bonuses for these games.

In this guide, we will take a quick look at the Bitcoin slots games, Betting limits on games, and how to make the maximum winning from them.

What are the Bitcoin Slots Kinds?

There are 3 kinds of slots games, they don’t differ in the gameplay. But they vary in reels number, volatility level, and prize amount.

1. Classic Bitcoin Slots

Classic slots have 3 reels only and contain very simple symbols like numbers and fruits. These games have a low volatility level; So, you will make low regular winnings. Meaning that when you play classic slots for a long-playing session you won’t find a significant difference in your balance either up or down.

The paylines of the classic slots are limited compared to the video slots, because they have lesser reels and a few symbols! In addition, you won’t find many in-gaming features like wild symbols, scatters, and free spins.

2. Video Bitcoin Slots

Video slots have reels ranging from 5 – 7 reels; do note that the higher the number of reels, the greater the risk, and thus the greater the profit! So, when you play video slots for a long-playing session you will hardly win, but this winning is huge as compensation for all your previous losses and gives you a good profit margin!

To give you a subtle chance to reach the rare winning, video slots games have many alluring features such as bonus rounds that takes you to a completely new game; where the reels will disappear, and you will have 3 choices to choose from. If the lady luck was on your side and you make the right choice, your bet value will be multiplied 500x times.

Also, you will have wild and scatter symbols. In addition, you free spins that give you a chance to play for more time, therefore, make more profits.

3. Jackpot Bitcoin Slots

Jackpot games are exactly like lotto games! In jackpot games, there is only one winning combination to reach the grand prize that ranging between 1 BTC up to 5 BTC. Players bet for a long time, from 6 months up to 1 year, to reach this magical combination. If the player didn’t get it, his bet will be added to the prize’s amount, to be won by one lucky player, who could be you!

What are the Slots Bonuses?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, slots take the lion’s share from Bitcoin casinos bonus package! Because they are the most popular gambling game. Besides, they have a fast-playing pace, many features, and immersive graphics.

There are 3 main slots bonuses that you get from any bitcoin casino, as follows:

1. Welcome Bitcoin Bonus

When it comes to the welcome bonus, bitcoin users gain a huge advantage; that is, cryptocurrency casinos are much more generous than regular online casinos! The welcome bonus value ranges from 3 BTC up to 5 BTC. You can use this huge amount on Bitcoin slots games.

2. Free Spins

Besides the in-game free spins, Bitcoin casinos offer additional free spins on different occasions.

3. Reload Bonuses

After getting the welcome bonus, the casino will give you an ongoing bonus on every deposit you make afterwards. This bonus varies between 5% up to 25% of the amount deposited.