Bitcoin Blackjack Guide


Bitcoin blackjack is the most popular card game in online casinos. It combines strategy and skill, unlike other games that depend on luck only. In blackjack, players rivalling the dealer. That is, the table can have a winner, two, three, or even 10 winning players! Therefore, players can focus on just one opponent to predict its hand and predict their winning chances. Especially since the dealers play by certain rules that he cannot break!

Bitcoin Blackjack has the lowest House Edge percentage among all casino games, at only 1%! That is, casinos win only 1% of the players’ total bets in the long run while lucky players win 99%.

Moreover, players can get a lot of winning when applying the right strategies that increase their odds. Bitcoin casinos offer you many types of blackjack that you can enjoy with various betting limits, suitable for all types of budgets.

History of Bitcoin Blackjack

It is very difficult to trace the history of any gambling game because these games have developed in different cultures and different countries. And it was always subject to changes in the rules and the way of playing to suit the nature of these cultures until it reached us as we know it now.

Historically, however, blackjack came to exist in France between 1723 and 1774. The French people named it “Vingt-et-Un”. There is a lot of historical evidence that King Louis XV played it during this period.

The rules of the game at the time were very similar to the ones we know today. The players had to get a higher hand than the dealer without exceeding the number of 21.

In the 18th century, the immigrants brought “Vingt-et-Un” with them to America. There it got a new name “21”. Also, the Americans sat the rules that define the dealer’s decisions after he was playing freely as same as players.

By 1820, the US state of New Orleans licensed blackjack. By the 21st century, (21) game gained great popularity in North America! In 1931, the Americans started to offer the game in Las Vegas casinos.

In 1962, a major shift occurred in the blackjack when the U.S. mathematician Edward Thorpe released his famous book “Beat the Dealer”, which explained how to win the game using by “counting cards”. Thanks to this strategy, blackjack gained popularity around the world!

Online Casinos Revolution

With the advent of 1996, online casinos joined the internet to offer players  online blackjack games. During the next twenty years, the online gambling industry flourished, and with it the popularity of Bitcoin blackjack increased, with innovative games such as Blackjack Switch and Duel 21. With the technological advancements in the modern era, online casinos offer Blackjack Live games, which give you the opportunity to play against a real dealer.

How to Play Blackjack Online?

Bitcoin Blackjack is a game in which the player directly opposes the dealer. The goal is to reach a card total equal to 21 or the closest number to that number without going over it. If you exceed the number 21, you lose, but if the total value of the dealer’s cards exceeds the number 21, he loses. In other words, your hand must be worth more than the dealer’s.

Blackjack is the only casino game that player can change it’s results by his strategy. So much so, that casinos changed some of the rules of the game in the 1960s to reduce the players’ benefit from the card counting strategy!

You can make a lot of profits by being aware of all the available decisions and choosing the step that offers you the greatest chance of winning and the least possibility of losing. In other words, the more you understand the rules, the better your chances!

Bitcoin Blackjack Rules

There is no difference between online Bitcoin blackjack and regular Blackjack. However, in traditional casinos, some special protocols apply; Where 7 players participate at a table and dealer use 6 to 8 decks.

Players start to place their first. After that, two cards are dealt with the dealer and each player. The first card received by the dealer appears for the other players to see. After that, players are free to receive additional cards or be satisfied with the two cards they have. If the player wants an additional card, he will click the table.

After players finish placing their bets, the game moves to the dealer who reveals his second card (The Hole Card), and if his two cards total is less than 16, he must draw another card.

Bitcoin Blackjack has a Fast-Playing Pace

As for when playing Bitcoin blackjack online; The pace of gameplay will be much faster. No waiting until the table is complete, for the dealer to collect and count bet chips, then shuffle and deal the cards, or for the players to think for decisions.

The game starts with the player placing his first bet, then he is awarded two cards and the upturned dealer card is shown to him. If the player predicts that his hand worth more than the dealer’s, he may place another wager. And if he wanted to withdraw a second card, he pressed the (Shoe Cards) icon. And then the dealer’s second card is revealed. The gameplay is very fast so its bet limits start at just $1. The game results and the card values ​​that appear to you are determined by the RNG protocol.

If you want to have a real gaming experience, you can enjoy the live Bitcoin casino games that are offered from regular casinos or dedicated studios via live broadcasting.