Badminton is one of the ancient sports originated in 1870 AD. It was invented by the British army officers while they were in India. Then it spread to around the globe and get an audience from the whole world. In the current time, there are many tournaments for Badminton for men and women.

Origins Of Badminton

The use of a feathers as a playing ball is an ancient tradition. Playing with a feather ball has been practiced as an ancient recreational sport, since the ancients. Something like a game of badminton has been found in Indian monuments, as it has been proven that it was played there over 2000 years ago.

This sport was also practiced in China around the sixteenth century AD, they called it: DI – DSCHIAN-DSI. This game has met with great success among adults and children, given the small size of the ball and its light weight and the ease of practice.

Some references also confirmed that the Japanese practiced this game and called it: “ORBANA”, it was proved that rulers, princes, and leaders had practiced this game in the fourteenth century.

Some sources also indicated that this sport spread in South America, where there was a similar popular game called: INKAS. This game also used a bat and ball made of natural bird feathers spread in India and was practiced by Indians in general and called it:” POONA”. All these practices are for games Badminton was done for recreation and spending leisure time.

In the year 1870 AD, the game was transferred from India by some British officers to England. In some English rural villages, especially in the county of Gloucester Sher it got the current name (Badminton).

The Idea Of ​​The Game

Badminton is one of the sports that is often practiced in indoor halls, so as not to be affected by weather factors, because the ball is light and the air affects it strongly, so players have to control it and focus on playing and shoot accurately. Badminton is not an easy sport as some imagine, the player should be skillful, shoot the ball at the right moment, control his hand and body movements in the right direction to not distract the ball. The game’s goal is to send the ball to the rival in the opposite side over the net, using a special bat.

Badminton is practiced in teams or individual. It is one of the most prominent recreational games. It does not require complicated equipment, and therefore, it is the sport of everyone: children, women, youth and elders; because it does not require a high degree of physical fitness or skillful abilities.

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