Australian Football (AFL)

Australian Football (AFL)

If you have ever been to Australia or have Australian friends, you will know just how popular Australian Football (AFL) is among them!

Locals love to enjoy watching and playing this sport, although it is not common in other countries.

In Australia, this sport is the main topic of conversations with friends and relatives on various social occasions. Although there are a lot of other favourite sports such as cricket, tennis, football and rugby, nothing can compete with the popularity of Australian football!

The sport originated in Victoria and has spread throughout Australia over the past century. In the current time, there are many teams in Western Australia, South Australia, New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria of course! The sport is referred to as the “Australian Football League” (AFL) or “Australian Rules”.

Like all other ball games, it is a team game that requires high physical fitness and appropriate strategy.

Key Concepts Of Australian Football

To understand what happens during the Australian football game, there are some basics that you must be aware of, and there are some advanced things that you can learn with the frequent watching of matches that affect the gameplay indirectly. When you understand these basics, you will be able to engage better with your Australian friends!

The Gameplay

Australian Football field is huge, about the size of two regular football fields. So, the team players are 18!

For each team, there are 4 substitute players. As in football, the couch performs substitutions to affect the style of play, or paralyze the opponent’s defensive/offensive capabilities, rest the influential players, replace injured players, keep the team refreshed throughout the match.

The Match

The AFL match consists of four games, and each half is 20 minutes long. The referee announces starting of each quarter by dropping the ball in the middle of the field. Once this happens, the players can begin to compete for possession.

Scoring goals

The player can score a goal or behind, to get six points and one point, respectively. For a player to score, he must kick the ball between the two central posts without any other player touching it.

Behind is scored if the player kicks the ball between the inner and outer posts or if the ball hits the bigger posts. When watching Australian football matches, the score will be updated automatically; If a goal is scored, 6 points will be added, and if Behind is scored, 1 point will be added.

Way Of Playing

Players move the ball around the field by shooting, passing, and throwing. When the ball moves, players compete for possession to shoot it into the opponent’s goal or pass it to his teammate, provided he does not commit a foul while playing. When a player runs with the ball, he must either bounce it every 15 meters or more or pass the ball to his teammate.

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